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We have 10 years of experience

De-installing medical devices can be a tricky procedure and, when not done correctly, can result in damage to both equipment and infrastructure. This can invariably cost you more than you budgeted for so it’s always important to use a company that knows what they’re doing.

GARC has had over 10 years’ experience in de-installing medical devices in the UK. From MRI’s toFluoroscopy rooms we have helped our clients with complex and difficult de-commissions. We will project manage the de-install from start to finish, identifying potential issues before they become problems. We can also help with any building works that may be needed when removing large medical items.

Fully Qualified

GARC and its engineers are fully qualified to perform your de-installations and are equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure our work is done to the highest standard. All of our staff work within strict guidelines and fully conform to both internal and external health and safety requirements.

All systems and equipment de-installed by ourselves are dealt with in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. Once equipment has been de-installed we can help with re-installation if required (into another department or hospital for example), storage (see other services) and resale (see our resale services).


Before we commence de-installation we will advise you on possible remarketing routes and ways in which GARC can raise money by reselling your obsolete or unwanted assets. This is a service we excel in and undertake on behalf of the UK’s largest leasing companies, banks, manufacturers and NHS trusts. Please visit our asset resale services section for more details.

As you start to grow and you want to add additional handsets and features (such as call recording) we’ll help support your growth quickly and effectively. We’ll take care of that while you invest your time in building and managing your business.

How We Get You Started


Prior to remarketing of your assets our team will inspect and provide reporting confirming the current condition of your assets.


We assist in valuing assets that are due to become available for upcoming remarketing. This will help you consider the best route in order to maximize return, whether that be sale back, extension or remarketing


Qualified engineers and experts protecting your assets at all times. Our team can organize and plan the de-installation, removal and collection of a wide range of assets.


Our motto at GARC has always been to maximise the return on our clients assets. We consistently achieve and deliver maximum return on a wide range of assets, including; IT, Telecommunications, Medical, Print, Plant & Machinery, Catering, Property and Automotive.

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