assessment and financial planning medical assets

GARC specialise in the assessment and financial planning of medical assets.

Valuations for equipment

Helping our customers with valuations for equipment they are set to lease means they can set the appropriate lease repayment schedules with the aim being that equipment is worth (at the end of the lease) at least what it owes!

Many leasing institutions are facing negative equity on lease arrangements for the simple reason that the original lease payment plan was insufficient (when compared to the length and residual value of the kit). Sales people have often been keen to place new leases, whilst paying little or no consideration to what the equipment will realistically be worth at the end of the lease. Again this has led to negative equity for many lease companies.

GARC can help. We will independently value your assets, pre lease, based on the lease term you are proposing. This way, whether your lease term is 3 years or 7 years, you will be able to set the lease repayment terms and prices with the residual value in mind.

Of course we also assist for straight asset valuations, for equipment that is available for immediate or upcoming resale.

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